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” We The Forlorn ” By Myridian (2015) | Review on 2023

Experience the captivating melodic doom/death album ” We The Forlorn ” by Myridian. Released in 2015, this Australian band delivers haunting melodies, powerful vocals, and a touch of darkness that make it a deserving album to explore in 2023. Enter the immersive world of Myridian’s melodic journey and be entranced by their unique sound.

Origin about Myridian

Once known as Leaves Love, then as Okera, and now as Myridian, these bands share many similarities. They all hail from Melbourne, Australia, starting as independent bands without any label support, surprising listeners with their outstanding self-produced albums. Together, they have transformed Australia into a promising land for melodic death metal. Another important commonality among them is their influence from the Scandinavian region. Leaves Love embraced the Gothenburg sound, Okera emulated Opeth, while Myridian emerged from a passionate union between Insomnium and Swallow The Sun.

Myridian 's members
Myridian ‘s members

“We, The Forlorn” follows a consistent formula. Most tracks begin with piano or acoustic intros, followed by powerful onslaughts of melodic death metal. The rhythm abruptly shifts in the middle of each track, incorporating folk acoustic passages before resurging towards the end.

The first striking aspect is the piano. It not only serves as an introductory element, setting a chilling and dark atmosphere for each track, but also prominently stands out, at times riding along the intense melodies of drums and guitars during the album’s climactic moments. The lone, powerful notes played on the piano add depth, a mysterious atmosphere, and a hint of dark gothic essence to the album.

The second notable aspect is the acoustic guitar. For those familiar with Leaves Love and Okera, it’s evident that these bands have heavily drawn inspiration from Opeth’s acoustic playing style. The loose, dreamy sounds that are played almost effortlessly create a cold, haunting, and elusive ambiance.

As mentioned before, Insomnium has had a significant influence on Myridian. The characteristic silver-blue hue, conveying both coldness and loneliness, is present. The guitar sounds gracefully shift, rich in emotion, starting slowly and gradually building up to explosive, euphoric choruses. The vocalist skillfully alternates between harsh growls and clean vocals. In “Silent Death,” accompanied by the weary, melancholic pace of doom metal, the harsh vocals scream with pain and desperation towards the end. Meanwhile, in “A Lone Rose,” with a similar tempo and musical style, the growl vocals evoke the image of a furious demon in a deep slumber.

“We, The Forlorn” is not solely about darkness and the frigidness of the North. It also captures the sunlight penetrating through the mountains, illuminating the pristine winter sky. Tracks like the acoustic “I, Beret” or “Snowscape” paint musical landscapes with gentle, mesmerizing sounds that stretch endlessly, resembling boundless snowy fields. The delicate, whisper-like clean vocals resonate, akin to the footsteps of a solitary individual wandering amidst the majestic nature.

The two epic tracks, “Desolace” and “Mourning Tide,” represent the climactic moments of the album, encapsulating the essence of Myridian. The consistent and forceful chorus, building like waves crashing one after another, carries a captivating rhythm. The sharp, delicate acoustic notes serve as bridges between the ever-intensifying sections that follow.

Myridian does not bring anything groundbreaking to the table. They simply skillfully and faithfully replicate the existing elements of Melodic Doom/Death from Northern Europe. However, with all they have achieved, they deserve recognition among the exceptional young talents of melodic death metal.

” We, The Forlorn ” info

Band: Myridian
Genre: Melodic Doom/Death
Album: We, The Forlorn
Year: 2015
Nation: Australia
Link Spotify


01. We, The Forlorn (10:23)
02. Silent Death (06:56)
03. These Weary Bones (feat. Nick Magur) (07:24)
04. A Lone Rose (10:07)
05. I, The Bereft (03:10)
06. Snowscape (08:27)
07. Desolace (09:38)
08. Mourning Tide (12:11)

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