The Top Hacks from Cloud BI Hackathon 2022

Cloud BI Hackathon is an annual event that provides a platform for developers to showcase their skills, collaborate, learn, and inspire each other. The event focuses on Looker and Looker Studio, aiming to foster creativity and innovation within the developer community. In this article, we will analyze the top hacks from the Cloud BI Hackathon held in the previous year.

Best Cloud BI Hackathon winner : 

The Best Hack winner of the Cloud BI Hackathon was Data Studio Labs with their “Google Sheets What-If” Community Connector for Looker Studio. This impressive hack allows Looker Studio reports to not only read from but also write to a Google Sheet. Users can create sheets with various calculations, modify the sheet’s inputs within the Looker Studio report, and instantly visualize the results. The implementation of this Looker Studio Community Connector empowers report viewers to perform What-If Analysis directly within Looker Studio. To explore this hack further, interested individuals can try out the connector and access the GitHub repository for detailed instructions.

Roast My Looker Instance by Josh T. and Dylan A.: 

This hack, developed by Josh T. and Dylan A., caught the attention of the judges and earned them the “Nearly Best Hack” recognition. “Roast My Looker Instance” provides a unique approach to improve Looker instances by encouraging constructive feedback and suggestions from the Looker community. This interactive tool facilitates the evaluation of Looker instances, helping developers enhance their Looker experiences.

Bytecode Dashboard Version Masters: 

Another notable hack that secured the “Nearly Best Hack” title is the Bytecode Dashboard Version Masters. Although specific details about this hack were not provided, it likely revolves around creating a dashboard management system that enables users to efficiently manage and control different versions of Looker dashboards.

Honorable mentions: 

The Cloud BI Hackathon also recognized several impressive hacks that deserve honorable mentions for their innovative ideas and practical contributions. These hacks showcased the diverse range of possibilities within Looker Studio and highlighted the participants’ ingenuity and technical expertise. From advanced forecasting capabilities to enhanced data lineage and metadata search, these projects demonstrated the immense potential of Looker and its ability to empower developers to create valuable data experiences. Additionally, the intriguing “Looker-loos” hack hinted at unconventional and creative approaches to leveraging Looker Studio, sparking curiosity and anticipation for future explorations in the field. These honorable mentions exemplify the spirit of collaboration, learning, and pushing boundaries that define the Cloud BI Hackathon.’s Looker Studio Forecasting: A Remarkable Hack for Accurate Predictive Insights’s Looker Studio Forecasting hack deserves commendation for its groundbreaking approach to forecasting within Looker Studio. By harnessing advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, this hack empowers users with robust predictive capabilities, enabling them to make data-driven decisions based on precise and reliable forecasts. The innovative integration of predictive analytics within Looker Studio opens up new avenues for leveraging data insights and enhances decision-making processes.

Enhanced Visibility and Traceability with Data Lineage and Metadata Search in Looker Studio

The recognition received by the hack focusing on data lineage and metadata search in Looker Studio underscores its significant value for developers. This hack provides a comprehensive solution that offers enhanced visibility into data sources, facilitating a deeper understanding of data flows and dependencies. By enabling efficient tracing of data lineage, developers can gain valuable insights into the origins and transformations of their data. Additionally, the metadata search feature streamlines the process of discovering relevant information within Looker Studio, enhancing productivity and promoting informed decision-making.

Looker-loos: Unleashing Unconventional Possibilities in Looker Studio

The intriguing mention of the Looker-loos hack highlights its innovative and unconventional nature. While specific details about its functionality were not provided, it showcases the limitless potential for unique data experiences within Looker Studio. This hack likely explores novel approaches and creative utilization of Looker Studio’s features, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with the platform. The inclusion of Looker-loos among the honorees exemplifies the spirit of exploration and experimentation encouraged at the Cloud BI Hackathon, inspiring developers to think outside the box and unlock new possibilities.


Overall, these notable hacks demonstrate the continuous advancement and transformative power of Looker Studio. By pushing the limits of what is possible in forecasting, data lineage, and metadata search, as well as embracing unconventional approaches, developers are unlocking new dimensions of data analytics and expanding the horizons of business intelligence. The Cloud BI Hackathon celebrates these achievements and encourages the developer community to continuously innovate and leverage Looker Studio’s capabilities for groundbreaking data experiences.

Wrap up: 

The Cloud BI Hackathon continues to evolve and improve with each iteration since its inception in 2018. The organizers aim to create a safe and collaborative environment that facilitates learning, collaboration, and inspiration among participants. Valuable feedback from participants has prompted documentation and community outreach improvements, reinforcing the commitment to enable the developer community.

The Cloud BI Hackathon 2022 showcased the exceptional talent, creativity, and collaborative spirit of the developer community. The event highlighted the power of Looker Studio Community Visualizations, Looker’s Embed SDK, and Looker API in empowering developers to build robust, practical, and even entertaining tools and data experiences. The hacks mentioned above represent a fraction of the remarkable projects that emerged from the Hackathon, demonstrating the endless possibilities when developers harness the capabilities of Looker and Looker Studio.

This is Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

In summary, the Cloud BI Hackathon serves as a catalyst for innovation, fostering a vibrant developer community that continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realms of data analytics and business intelligence. This annual event not only provides a platform for participants to showcase their skills and ideas but also encourages collaboration, learning, and inspiration among the developers. With Looker and Looker Studio at the forefront, the Hackathon demonstrates the immense potential of these tools in empowering developers to create valuable and transformative data experiences. By embracing creativity, technical expertise, and the spirit of exploration, the Cloud BI Hackathon propels the developer community forward, driving continuous innovation and paving the way for cutting-edge advancements in the field.

edited by Hong Quang

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