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Outre – Continuing the tradition of metal bands from Poland

In the realm of black metal, Outre emerges as a captivating force with their debut album. Hailing from Poland, this band showcases a profound influence from Deathspell Omega, blending slow, atmospheric elements with the solemn chants of orthodox church. The result is a black metal experience that carries a weighty and haunting spiritual essence. As a metalhead with deep-rooted experience and skills in the genre, it’s a pleasure to explore Outre’s relentless soundscapes. The album’s title – Ghost Chants perfectly encapsulates its unsettling nature, with the vocalist’s versatility shining through transitions between harsh, painful screams, clean vocals filled with anguish and fear, and guttural growls. The melodies, though not blazingly fast, possess a groovy and consistent flow, infused with elements of post-black metal, building layers of tension that intensify with each passing moment.

Now, you may wonder why this review is written in 2023. As a dedicated metalhead, it’s essential to stay attuned to the latest releases and unearth hidden gems. Although Outre’s debut album was released earlier, its impact and significance continue to resonate, drawing attention even years later. This Metalhead Review for 2023 aims to shed light on Outre’s exceptional work, ensuring that passionate metal enthusiasts like yourself can delve into the depths of their haunting music and appreciate the timelessness of their artistic vision.

Outre – Continuing the tradition of metal bands from Poland

Outre - Continuing the tradition of metal bands from Poland
Outre – Continuing the tradition of metal bands from Poland (Sources: Internet)

An outstanding debut album from a black metal band hailing from Poland. They bears significant influence from Deathspell Omega, with its slow, atmospheric style combined with the sounds of orthodox church prayers, creating a black metal experience that is spiritually heavy and haunting. Of course, the Polish metal scene’s tradition of producing intense and ferocious extreme bands continues with Outre. At many points, in Ghost Chants, they play as brutally as any true death metal band. The vocalist shines the brightest in this album, constantly transitioning between the dry harshness, the anguish and fear of clean vocals, and the murky, guttural growls.

The melodies of there album are not overly fast, but they compensate with a groovy and consistent flow, influenced by post-black elements that build up and compress like waves crashing layer upon layer. The album’s unsettling tension only grows with each passing moment.

Ghost Chants – released album info

  • Band: Outre
  • Genre: Black Metal
  • Album: Ghost Chants
  • Year: 2015
  • Nation: Poland
  • Link music: Youtube Channel


01. Chant 1 – Departure (02:51)
02. Chant 2 – Shadow (06:41)
03. Chant 3 – The Fall (05:04)
04. Chant 4 – Lament (05:50)
05. Chant 5 – Equilibrium (02:40)
06. Chant 6 – Vengeance (05:53)
07. Chant 7 – Arrival (07:40)

Overview tracklist

As a dedicated metalhead with a penchant for exploring the darkest realms of music, I recently delved into Outre’s black metal masterpiece, “Ghost Chants.” Hailing from Poland, this enigmatic band has crafted an album that immerses listeners in a haunting and atmospheric sonic journey.

“Ghost Chants” takes the listener on a transcendental voyage through seven mesmerizing chants. The album opens with “Chant 1 – Departure,” a brief yet captivating introduction that sets the tone for the journey ahead. From there, the album unfolds with a seamless progression, weaving a tapestry of darkness and despair.

Each chant on “Ghost Chants” showcases Outre’s mastery of atmospheric black metal. “Chant 2 – Shadow” envelops the listener in a vortex of relentless tremolo-picked riffs, thunderous drums, and haunting melodies. The dynamic shifts and intricate guitar work transport the listener to shadowy realms of anguish and introspection.

One of the standout tracks, “Chant 4 – Lament,” captures the essence of Outre’s sound. The haunting melodies intertwine with blistering blast beats, creating an atmosphere of desolation and melancholy. The vocals range from agonized shrieks to guttural growls, further enhancing the emotional intensity of the music.

Throughout the album, Outre showcases their ability to craft intricate compositions that balance aggression and atmosphere. “Chant 7 – Arrival” serves as a monumental closing chapter, featuring expansive and evocative passages that leave a lasting impact.

“Ghost Chants” is a testament to Outre’s remarkable musicianship and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of black metal. The production quality is immaculate, allowing each instrument to shine while maintaining a raw and organic feel. The lyrics delve into profound themes of spirituality, introspection, and existential dread, adding another layer of depth to the overall experience.

It’s worth mentioning that despite being released in 2015, It continues to resonate with metal enthusiasts, and its influence can be heard in the works of contemporary black metal bands. Outre’s ability to create an immersive and captivating atmosphere is a testament to their talent and vision.

In conclusion, “Ghost Chants” is a must-listen for any black metal aficionado. Outre’s profound and introspective approach to the genre, combined with their impeccable musicianship, sets them apart as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. Prepare to embark on a haunting sonic journey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

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