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Fleshgod Apocalypse – King: A Symphonic/Technical Death Masterpiece

In the ever-evolving landscape of metal, Fleshgod Apocalypse has carved their own unique path. As a writer experiencing this album in 2023, it’s a testament to its enduring appeal and the band’s ability to captivate listeners even years after its release. “King” showcases the band’s growth and mastery, presenting a harmonious blend of symphonic elements and technical death metal intricacies.

Join us as we explore each track, from the epic and bombastic orchestrations of “Agony” to the mesmerizing guitar work in “Labyrinth.” We’ll witness the band’s evolution, finding the perfect balance between symphonic splendor and the raw power of death metal. With Tommaso Riccardi’s commanding and diverse vocal delivery, the album takes on a new dimension, creating a captivating and immersive experience.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – a symphonic/technical death metal bands

Fleshgod Apocalypse – a symphonic/technical death metal bands

For death metal bands like Septic Flesh or Fleshgod Apocalypse, classical music has always been an effective tool to create the most intense and dramatic sounds possible. The grand, epic sound of the orchestral ensemble is like a gust of wind that elevates the blistering blast beats and fiery riffs to even greater heights. Fresh Cook’s album “Agony” from 2011 is one of my favorites. The mind-boggling speed, coupled with Francesco Paoli’s thunderous double bass drumming and the chaotic, unhinged guitars, make for a hauntingly immersive album.

However, with their album “Labyrinth,” Fresh Cook seemed to have leaned a bit too much towards the symphonic side. It’s not bad, but everything feels excessive. It’s overly bombastic, overly complex, and the layers often overshadow each other, making it difficult to discern the melodies. Enter “King,” and it seems that Fresh Cook has found the perfect balance between symphonic and death metal. For those who passionately embrace technical death metal, “King” might seem somewhat ordinary. But for me, it serves as a prime example of the concept of “just enough” in artistic creation.

Symphonic elements still permeate the album, flowing gracefully, but they are malleable and rich in melodies. The guitar work incorporates elements of delicate and refined neoclassical influences. Of course, Paoli, as the drummer, never fails to impress, maintaining the ferocity and madness that defines Freshgod, untamed by the symphonic elements. The vocalist also brings an interesting change in “King.” Typically, in technical death metal, the vocals are slightly higher to match the razor-sharp guitars and violin-like tones. However, in “King,” Tommaso Riccardi utilizes a deep, growling vocal style, reminiscent of Ex Deo. This brings balance, strength, and enhanced listenability to the album.

“King” by Fleshgod Apocalypse new released album

Band: Fleshgod Apocalypse
Genre: Symphonic/Technical Death
Nation: Italy
Album: King
Year: 2015
Link Download:

King ‘s tracklist review

  1. Marche Royale: This opening track sets the tone for the album with its grand and majestic orchestral arrangement. It builds anticipation and creates a sense of epicness.
  2. In Aeternum: This song bursts into intense aggression and showcases the band’s technical prowess. The relentless drumming and intricate guitar work create a powerful and energetic atmosphere.
  3. Healing Through War: With its crushing riffs and thunderous rhythm, this track delves into the darker aspects of the album. The juxtaposition of melodic elements and brutal heaviness adds depth to the composition.
  4. The Fool: This song takes a more melodic approach, featuring haunting melodies and atmospheric sections. The vocals transition from guttural growls to clean vocals, adding a dynamic contrast to the overall sound.
  5. Cold As Perfection: A blend of atmospheric symphonic elements and ferocious death metal, this track showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly weave together different musical elements. The intricate guitar solos and symphonic interludes make it a standout piece.
  6. Mitra: This track introduces a sense of grandeur with its orchestral arrangements and captivating melodies. The interplay between symphonic elements and aggressive instrumentation creates a mesmerizing experience.
  7. Paramour (Die Leidenschaft Bringt Leiden): The song opens with a haunting piano melody and evolves into a symphonic onslaught. The contrast between the melodic sections and aggressive bursts adds depth and variety to the composition.
  8. And The Vulture Beholds: This track delivers relentless aggression with its fierce drumming, blistering guitar riffs, and guttural vocals. It showcases the band’s mastery of blending brutality and symphonic elements seamlessly.
  9. Gravity: A slower-paced track, “Gravity” explores a more atmospheric side of the album. The atmospheric layers and haunting vocals create a somber and introspective mood.
  10. A Million Deaths: This song combines relentless speed and technical precision with symphonic elements. The intense guitar work and thunderous drums drive the track forward, keeping the listener engaged throughout.
  11. Syphilis: With its intricate guitar melodies and relentless aggression, “Syphilis” showcases the band’s ability to create a dark and atmospheric atmosphere. The symphonic elements enhance the overall intensity of the song.
  12. King: The title track serves as a fitting conclusion to the album. It encompasses the album’s diverse musical elements, from symphonic grandeur to crushing death metal. The track showcases the band’s ability to create a cohesive and memorable piece.

Overview of King

In summary, those who enjoyed “Labyrinth” might be disappointed with “King,” but for me, it stands as Fleshgod’s exceptional second album after “Agony.” The band masterfully combines symphonic and technical death metal elements, resulting in a powerful and enjoyable musical experience. “King” is an album that challenges conventions, pushing the boundaries of symphonic/technical death metal. Its complex arrangements, melodic intricacies, and powerful rhythms will leave you awe-inspired. Whether you’re a fan of Fresh Cook A Pasta Lips’ previous work or new to their music, “King” is a remarkable addition to their discography that deserves your attention.

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