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Album Review: “Mayhem in Blue” by Hail Spirit Noir (2016)

Greece has always been a breeding ground for exceptionally unique metal bands with the ability to blend multiple genres together to create their own distinctive sound. Hail Spirit Noir follows in that exceptional tradition, characterized by their combination of black metal and psychedelic rock. The harsh and brutal nature of black metal is accompanied by twisted and eerie synth sounds, making Hail Spirit Noir’s music increasingly mysterious and haunting.

Unlike their previous two albums, the dreamy and ethereal sounds reminiscent of Pink Floyd are toned down and replaced with keyboard melodies that carry a strong influence of 70s progressive rock. However, the enigmatic “space” effects remain intact. Hail Spirit Noir continues to add to their already eclectic musical mix with the introduction of folk-tinged acoustic elements and the resonating, spiritual sounds of church bells.

One notable aspect of this trio is that despite utilizing a wide range of sounds and blending different genres, they maintain a smooth flow throughout “Mayhem in Blue” with highly enticing melodies. The transition between growls and clean vocals, both high and low, leaves no trace of a seam. “Mayhem in Blue” stands as yet another outstanding album by Hail Spirit Noir.

Hail Spirit Noir ‘s biographic


Hail Spirit Noir is a progressive black metal band that originates from Greece
Hail Spirit Noir is a progressive black metal band that originates from Greece (Sources: Internet)

The band was formed in 2010 and consists of three talented members: Theoharis Liratzakis, Haris Vougiatzis, and Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos. Each member brings their own unique skills and contributions to the band’s sound.

What sets Hail Spirit Noir apart from traditional black metal bands is their distinctive approach to the genre. While they incorporate the raw intensity and darkness of black metal, they also infuse their music with elements from progressive rock, psychedelia, and atmospheric soundscapes. This blending of genres results in a truly captivating and unconventional musical experience.

The band’s sound can be characterized by its intricate song structures, melodic sensibilities, and atmospheric textures. They skillfully combine aggressive and ferocious black metal elements with progressive intricacies, creating a dynamic and engaging sonic landscape. This unique fusion allows them to explore a wide range of emotions and moods within their music, making each song a multi-dimensional journey for the listener.


The band released their debut album, “Pneuma,” in 2012, which garnered critical acclaim for its innovative sound and atmospheric qualities. This was followed by their sophomore release, “Oi Magoi,” in 2014, further solidifying their reputation as one of the most promising acts in the Greek metal scene.

In 2016, Hail Spirit Noir unleashed their highly anticipated third studio album, “Mayhem in Blue.” This album showcases the band’s musical evolution and their ability to push the boundaries of their sound. “Mayhem in Blue” delves deeper into progressive territories, incorporating intricate melodies, atmospheric keyboards, and complex song structures.

Brief of Mayhem in Blue


1. I Mean You Harm
2. Mayhem in Blue
3. Riders to Utopia
4. Lost in Satan’s Charms
5. The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea
6. How to Fly in Blackness

Mayhem in Blue Overview

  1. “I Mean You Harm” The album commences with “I Mean You Harm,” a haunting and atmospheric opener that sets the stage for the sonic exploration that lies ahead. The track introduces the listener to the band’s progressive black metal sound, intertwining aggressive and melodic passages. The ethereal keyboards and evocative guitar work create a sense of tension and intrigue, while the intense vocals add an element of darkness and despair.
  2. “Mayhem in Blue” The title track, “Mayhem in Blue,” delves deeper into the band’s unique musical landscape. The song features intricate guitar melodies, dynamic shifts in tempo, and a relentless assault of blast beats, all woven together seamlessly. Hail Spirit Noir demonstrates their ability to balance aggression and atmosphere, immersing the listener in a vortex of captivating soundscapes.
  3. “Riders to Utopia” “Riders to Utopia” offers a mesmerizing blend of progressive intricacies and black metal ferocity. The track showcases the band’s penchant for crafting complex compositions with layers of atmospheric keyboards, intricate guitar solos, and relentless drumming. The lyrics delve into existential themes, exploring the human desire for utopia and the consequences that accompany such pursuits.
  4. “Lost in Satan’s Charms” Taking a slightly different direction, “Lost in Satan’s Charms” infuses elements of psychedelic rock into Hail Spirit Noir’s sonic palette. The track features groovy basslines, infectious guitar hooks, and ethereal vocal harmonies. The band effortlessly blends their progressive and black metal roots with psychedelic undertones, resulting in a captivating and mesmerizing listening experience.
  5. “The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea” “The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea” presents a darker and more sinister atmosphere. The track explores the band’s black metal influences, with blistering tremolo-picked riffs and aggressive vocals. Amidst the chaos, Hail Spirit Noir incorporates moments of atmospheric respite, showcasing their ability to balance aggression with melodic nuances.
  6. “How to Fly in Blackness” The album concludes with “How to Fly in Blackness,” an epic and sprawling track that encapsulates the essence of Hail Spirit Noir’s progressive black metal sound. The song features intricate time signature changes, intricate guitar work, and atmospheric passages that transport the listener to otherworldly realms. The captivating vocals, ranging from anguished screams to ethereal cleans, add an emotional depth to the composition.


“Mayhem in Blue” is a remarkable and immersive album that showcases Hail Spirit Noir’s prowess in crafting complex and atmospheric compositions. The band seamlessly blends progressive intricacies with black metal aggression, resulting in a unique and captivating sonic experience. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the intricate guitar work, atmospheric keyboards, and dynamic song structures.

Throughout the album, Hail Spirit Noir demonstrates their ability to create diverse sonic landscapes, traversing realms of darkness, psychedelia, and introspection. The band’s willingness to experiment with different elements and genres within the progressive black metal framework showcases their artistic growth and exploration.

With “Mayhem in Blue,” Hail Spirit Noir solidifies their status as one of the most innovative and captivating bands within the progressive black metal genre. This album serves as a testament.

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