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” Hunted ” by Khemmis: A Captivating Journey into the Realm of Metal

The importance of having a dedicated space, like Gratoner Bar, where music aficionados and metal fans can come together to immerse themselves in the world of music cannot be overstated. It is within these gathering places that the significance of sharing, discussing, and celebrating music becomes apparent. I am truly grateful to Gratoner Bar and my friend Huy, who introduced me to Khemmis’ album “Hunted.”

Highly recommend for “Hunted” by Khemmis

Khemmis emerged about two years ago and quickly became one of the most popular names in the sludge and stoner genres. From their previous album – “Absolution” to “Hunted” which they received countless praises from critics. However, I personally hadn’t listened to them until yesterday. The reason being that I wasn’t particularly fond of stoner and sludge. But yesterday, while sitting in the cafe, I had the chance to hear almost the entire album of Hunted, and it completely captivated me. Since then, it has been a part of my playlist.

Khemmis 's members
Khemmis ‘s members (Image from Internet)

What I love most about Khemmis is their incredibly raw guitar sound. The guitar evokes the nostalgic glory days of classic rock and heavy metal. It’s thick and heavy, not focused on speed or technique, but every note is clear and sharp. What’s most important is that I get to hear the authentic guitar sound without being overlaid with other instruments or studio effects. Additionally, the guitar duo’s fingerpicking and harmonies truly resonate with me. They are consistent and enticing, with solos that are both captivating and reminiscent of listening to Iron Maiden at a slower pace. This quality makes The Hunted, despite being stoner, devoid of any sense of fatigue or unease.

Another thing that I like about Khemmis is that they don’t solely stick to doom/stoner. Their melodies are progressive, diverse in variations, with frequent changes in tempo and rhythm. They can transition from long and constant drone passages to melodic and catchy sections without any bumps. They are a perfect example of blending different subgenres within metal.

Brief Infomation

  • Band: Khemmis
  • Genre: Doom/Stoner
  • Album: Hunted
  • Year: 2016
  • Nation: US
  • Link sound on spotify


1. Above the Water 07:22
2. Candlelight 07:19
3. Three Gates 06:37
4. Beyond the Door 09:00
5. Hunted 13:30

Tracklist review

Khemmis, a doom/stoner metal band from the United States, released their second studio album, “Hunted,” in 2016. This captivating album consists of five tracks, each offering a unique and immersive musical experience. Let’s delve into the tracklist and explore the remarkable elements that make “Hunted” an outstanding release.

  1. “Above the Water” (07:22) The album commences with “Above the Water,” setting the tone with its melancholic melodies and heavy riffs. The track beautifully combines elements of doom and stoner metal, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. The haunting vocals and intricate guitar work draw the listener into a captivating journey through dark and introspective themes.
  2. “Candlelight” (07:19) “Candlelight” continues the sonic exploration, enveloping the listener in a hypnotic blend of heavy guitar riffs and thunderous drumming. The song carries a sense of longing and introspection, conveyed through emotionally charged vocals and dynamic shifts in tempo. The powerful guitar solos add depth and intensity, leaving a lasting impact.
  3. “Three Gates” (06:37) With “Three Gates,” Khemmis exhibits their ability to craft catchy and memorable melodies while maintaining their heavy sound. The track intertwines elements of classic metal with the band’s signature doom and stoner influences. The interplay between the dual guitars creates a rich and textured sound, while the passionate vocal delivery evokes a sense of urgency and longing.
  4. “Beyond the Door” (09:00) “Beyond the Door” takes the listener on an epic journey, showcasing Khemmis’ progressive side. The track seamlessly transitions between moments of melancholic introspection and powerful, riff-driven sections. The expansive song structure allows for captivating guitar harmonies and atmospheric passages that heighten the emotional impact.
  5. “Hunted” (13:30) The album’s title track, “Hunted,” serves as the grand finale, clocking in at an impressive 13 minutes and 30 seconds. This epic composition exemplifies Khemmis’ mastery of dynamics and songcraft. The song weaves through various moods, from crushing heaviness to melodic introspection, displaying the band’s versatility and ability to create captivating musical landscapes.


“Hunted” is an album that seamlessly blends doom and stoner metal with elements of classic and progressive influences. Khemmis showcases their prowess in crafting emotionally charged compositions that are both heavy and melodic. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy, with its powerful riffs, intricate solos, and enchanting harmonies. The vocal performance complements the music perfectly, conveying a range of emotions with conviction.

Overall, “Hunted” is a masterful display of Khemmis’ musical talent and creativity. The album’s diverse tracks offer a captivating and immersive experience for fans of doom and stoner metal, as well as those seeking a rich and atmospheric musical journey. With “Hunted,” Khemmis solidifies their status as one of the prominent acts in the genre, leaving a lasting impression on listeners with their unique blend of heaviness, melody, and emotional depth.

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