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Two of Excellent Black-Metal Album of the year 2020 in my opinion

I had the opportunity to enjoy 2 Black-Metal albums that I think are the best in 2020. Let’s cloudstone feel them now!

The first is “Endless Wound”

Black Curse is a super band formed by the rising stars of Black Metal America including Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice, Khemmis and Primitive Man. A squad that can be seen just by looking at this is an American bull project.

Supergroups in some common styles are hit or miss. Combining too many styles together can make the albums of these projects redundant with techniques and ideas but lack consistency. Black Curse doesn’t have that problem. Simply because they don’t bring the material of their own bands into this project.

In terms of music, Endless Wound is the harmony between Incantation’s crushing death and Darkthrone’s gritty black punk. True American guitar, bearing many imprints of thrash. Riff overlaps, both technical and speedy and aggressive. From the first minute the melody was like a punch straight to the ear, without mercy.

On that basis, each member of the Black Curse brings its own mark. It is easy to see that the cosmic atmosphere is both chaotic and chaotic, characteristic of Blood Incantation. or Doom / Death’s slow riffs from Spectral Voice. Khemmis drummer brings groovy and improvised blast beat stoner metal. It all summed up an album that is both tight and delicate and improvised. An excellent and very good album.

Now to the next album

Eastern Europe, the land where traditional Black metal can rest assured until the end of the world. Despite all the changes in North America or Northern Europe, the true Slavs still stubbornly followed what Immortal, Bathory or Burzum left behind.

Ovfrost and his one-man Malist project represent the next generation Black Metal of Russia. Absolutely loyal to the Nordic tremolo guitar, Ovfrost erected an epic wall of epic sound. The melody is gruff but very beautiful, both angry and painful rich in emotion.

The common weakness of one-man projects is that the vocals and drums are completely absent from Malist. Ovfrost has a pretty respectable throat. Dreadful with very low notes opaque as hell. The drums are as strong as a reliable diesel engine that delivers power throughout the album.
There is a slight influence on post black which is trendy but very little on Malist’s second album. Instead, Ovfrost brings quite a lot of evolution and ostentation of progressive metal. To Mantle the Rising Sun possesses a lot of generous riffs, soft fingers, and sweet ears. Ovfrost showed great maturity in composing after only one year. All 7 tracks are neat, catchy and firm melody.

Having only appeared for 3 years but already has 2 albums, Ovfrost is on track to become the next big name of Black Metal Russia and Eastern Europe. A man who is able to bring modern materials but still preserve the classic values of the second wave.

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