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Dead winter dead (Savatage) – A Masterpiece of antiwar concept

Anti-war is one of Rock’s main ideas, and one of the reasons for Rock’s birth. In the anti-war rock genre that I have heard, Savatage’s Dead Winter Dead is a majestic and excellent work born in 1995. This is a concept album about Yugoslavia with bloody and meaningless civil war, where smoke The fire was higher than the buildings created by human civilization, which was the theme for Savatage to write an immortal work with profound content and beautiful meaning. Thereby, the band has sent humanity their message, and also the common message of Rock: War is always meaningless and brutal.

There are some opinions that the stone lion statue shown on the album cover is the character throughout the entire album. It has witnessed and reported everything from the beginning of “Overture” to the end. Every word belongs to it. “On the church bell tower is a lion statue, it has been sitting there for ages. Day after day, he watched everything, and pondered, what is joy, what is sadness, what is smile, what is tears? It never finds the right answer, because everything is as complicated as challenges, and time goes by, It still sits there, watching and pondering. ”

Sarajevo, with squares built from the Middle Ages, with cathedrals where faith reigns for centuries. This place has gone through many ups and downs of history, with every moment of glory as well as humiliation, brilliance or ruin. From the past to the present, from the present to the future, to forever, time goes on endlessly, cruelly and unknowingly, bringing joys of sorrow, happiness and pain with many things perhaps humans will never be able to explain.

People always have to wonder, we have to do this, we are forbidden to do that, their whole life is just waiting, like watching the slow-moving hourglass. Every action, every dream is stored in the depths of the soul, everything is out of reach. Even in nightly dreams, people always remind themselves: it is best for us to be silent. They yearn for freedom.

The warriors think that they can create their own light, dispel the darkness by trampling everything under the heels of violent shoes. The concert song “Starlight” was like a cheerleader saying before the war: “Go ahead, don’t hesitate, don’t need to be kind, don’t need to know anything, except this is where you have to go.”

What must have come has come. The war broke out with the sudden intro of “Doesn’t matter any way”. The song also refers to the appearance of outside forces that interfere with the war, increasing and fierce. The people of Yugoslavia, who caused and suffered the consequences of the war, still fight each other insanely, in their minds only the devil’s instructions: “doesn’t matter any way”. Then, in a brief moment of silence in the midst of the war, they looked back to their homeland being dyed red by their own hands.

“This isn’t what we meant” is my favorite song because its statement about “Happiness, protection? It’s all an illusion. Maybe this is the answer to dreams, no?” Perhaps this is what destiny responds to our prayers? Please understand, these are not what we desire. ”

“And every prayer we pray at night has somehow lost its meaning” – this lyric in the song has also been clearly printed on the back cover of the album that many people have to ponder.

The soldiers started to regret, but it was too late, they were swirled in a spiral of no escape, they were no longer themselves but became killing machines. They still hold weapons, rush to kill each other insane despite understanding the war is brutal and meaningless, the craziness of the depressing scene painted in “Mozart and Madness”, when the drum beat beats with the sharp accord depicting a bloody battlefield, when a sad and sad violin shows the devastation, sometimes shrieking the guitar like a scream of extreme pain physically or mentally of both soldiers and civilians crime.

Only in the depths of the heart of those machines, which still retain something of a human, is that memory: “A long, long time ago, when the world was still beautiful, I stood in another Sarajevo, It will never come back again, forever …

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