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Post Rock – Underground circuits of deep emotions

When talking about Rock, most people who have never tried to listen / learn seriously think of loud noises like cascades, drums, power chords, vocal roars, and a half of them will take a stance with a “conservative” thought about what they think and do not touch any music with the word Rock. But there are many small streams of water that are soothing, delicate, profound and touches the soul of any ears – what they call the ballad rock which gathers songs gently and full of emotions of all branches of Rock such as: Believe – Savatage (heavy / prog metal), When the children cry – white lion (hard rock), Comfortably numb – Pink Floyd (psychedelic / progressive rock) …

And in that post-rock flows modestly but not at all, not submerged, and not hybrid, it silently finds a firm foothold in the hearts of rock lovers, by itself making people Never heard of rock, have aversion to the so-called “deaf-eared” genre, which must be re-thought, investigated and mesmerized. A friend once told me that in the winter nights of Europe when a loved one is thousands of miles away when listening to Post-Rock, the soul trembles, the body curls up in endless memory and infinite sadness.

Post-rock was born quite late when it was only two decades, a combination of musical characteristics of many genres: ambient, jazz, experimental and electronica, post-rock minimized the use of Vocal in the version. my music, most post-rock bands and albums do not have vocal, post-rock uses non-rock instruments with the purpose of creating a rock music with riffs and chords but through music specifically, the music of post-rock wants to creep deep into the soul, stirring up the silent night surrounding and making the soul sob.

Post-rock is the music of the night, it creates gaps small enough for the soul’s strings to come out of the body, caress everything, out of the window to mingle with the soft yellow street light, to feel the breath of a noisy bustling urban city at night. Then the signals of love, of nostalgia, of the flow of time are amplified, burning in the passionate heart of youth suppressed after all the work. An underground leg precious always has a fairly high foothold in the heart of rock lovers, unobtrusive looking to taste, always refreshing themselves. Post-rock over the past 20 years has been a relentless creativity, new albums and album covers alone are really valuable contemporary art works or bands with names. same special.

A wordless melody when strong, painfully tender, post-rock puts in front of us a blank sheet of paper and an ink-filled pen to let us write our own words that only we understand ourselves. No one can feel and read it. The immense immensity that post-rock creates for the source of emotion is what will surely make anyone who has listened to it fall in love and passion. I don’t have a good ear to hear, but I have a soul that knows what music tells me about my innermost things and gives me some peace in the chaos of adulthood.

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