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Some of Duo-Guitarist in Metal’s World

Arch Enemy is a band founded by guitarist Michael Amott after Carcass – also a band I extremely love. Arch Enemy was originally considered the “Death Metal Supergroup” band because it gathered members from typical metal groups such as Carcass and Nevermore. The music of Arch Enemy, from the mine’s point of view, is like a woman who is both seductive and dangerous. Most of the songs always contain gloom, heavy with dark guitar riffs, pushing listeners to the bottom of the cliff, then suddenly rising to 9 clouds with an unbelievably beautiful guitar melody. in a metal version, sometimes even incredibly wet. It was black and white, the two extremes of Arch Enemy’s music, prompting listeners to endure the darkness to wait anxiously to see what it was after that night.

“Wages of Sin” is the first album featuring Angela Gossow – the female vocalist that everyone is familiar with, an outstanding death metal vocalist with a unique voice that many people cannot believe is coming from a woman. It should be added that Arch Enemy is a Swedish band but Angela is German. Angela’s appearance brought a new color to Arch and made Wages of Sin one of the most memorable Melodic death metal albums in my opinion.

But ignoring the part of Angela Gossow that many people are familiar with, I will talk about the part that is more important to me and the success of the music of Arch Enemy through Wages of Sin – it is “The Brothers”: Michael and Christopher Amott – the best guitar duo of AE.

Guitar Duo in metal comes from Iron Maiden with Murray – Smith and Judas Priest with Downing – Tipton, later Slayer with Hanneman (deceased) – King or Mustaine – Friedman of Megadeth. And there are also many brothers and sisters playing with the band like the Abbott Pantera ae, the Tolis family of Rotting Christ, the ae of the Cavalera of Sepultura, the ae of the Tardy of Obituary … Most of them all play different instruments (most of them are guitarists) , 1 person drum). As for the Amott brothers, they both played the guitar and the adhesion and understanding between them was truly wonderful. All of Wages of Sin are written by Michael and Christ, the guitar part is off the table, blending like a batter (including live performance). Michael always plays the main theme of the song, while Christopher covers with the rhythm behind, and then they duo on Daniel’s solid drum. Perhaps because they were brothers, they had a good deal that was hard to find.

The typical songs of this album can be said is the whole CD :). I personally like Burning Angel, Ravenous (Very good live version), Savage Messiah, Web Of Lies.

After Wages of Sin, Arch Enemy has many good albums like Anthems of Rebellion, Doomsday machine … but Wages of sin is always the best album for me. After this no longer Angela and especially Christopher had a green card and came to America always, although Jeff Loomis is an intense guitarist, I still prefer Christ’s style 🙂

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